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Drugs Addiction, Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs Addiction, Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs addiction is now a very common problem all society in the world. People use drags much reason but someone use drugs recreational or negatively without having any right and frequently he want to take it, then it turns into a great problem. Addicted people are facing many problems on his life. The surrounded of addicted people also facing problem for him.

There are many types of drug that people are taken: Alcohol, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy etc. This effects very harmful for our body and mind.
Draug Addiction

There are many reasons to become addicted of drugs

• Social Environment
• Mental diseases
• Family, Relatives, Friends
• Smoking Habit

Social Environment: Social Environment is a great cause to become addicted. If your surrounding is not well, there many people likes anything likely drug, if those things get without any problem.

Mental Diseases: Mentally disorder/diseases are another cause to become addicted on drug. Frustrated people feel better after take drugs then he repeatedly takes drugs.

Family, Relatives, Friends: If someone’s family member, relatives, friends be addicted he may be inspire from them. By the friends especially young generation getting addicted.

Smoking Habit: Smoking is also addiction. Smoking habit inspire into take different drugs.

Drug addicted people increasing our society because use of continue taking drugs makes them feel better can’t feel them bad. Addiction is complex affects on human body. Continuation raises his health problem. Drug addiction causes different types of cancer, blood pressure, hypertension, heart problem.

The Young generation is getting addicted with drugs, facing different problem for him and his family also. If it happens there may be some step have to take his family for remedy. It is great problem to any family also any country.

There may have different way to overcome from drug addiction.People who addicted he has need to counseling and monitoring. Self modification can make it first, family, close friend also help for it. There may be some institute to help him overcome. Reduced availability of drugs, improve social environment ,education can make change.

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