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Kuakata Sea Beach, Daughter of Ocean

Kuakata Sea Beach, Daughter of Ocean

Bangladesh has much natural historic beauty. The Bay of Bangle is situated in south of the country. So, it has many beautiful sea beach ( Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Kuakata sea beach and Patenga Sea beach). Kukata Sea Beach is a wonderful sea beach which located in the southern portion of Bangladesh. This is also called Daughter of Ocean. This Sea Beach has a vast sandy beach. It has excellent natural beauty; you will be best entertained to see its sandy beach, blue sky, sunrise and sunset looks unbelievable.

Short Descriptions about Kuakata Sea Beach

  • Location of the beach: Kalapara Upazila, Patukhali Dirstrict, and Barisal Division of Bangladesh.
  • The length of the beach: 30 km long and 6 km wide.
  • Distance from Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh): 320 kilometers and
  • Distance from Patuakhali District: about 70 kilometers away.
Kuakata Bea Beach name come from the word 'Kua' English word is “Well” in the eighteenth century by the early Rakhaine dug it on the sea shore for collecting safe drinking water. Later, it becomes a tradition of digging and good in the neighborhoods of Rakhaine tribes for drinking water. This ‘digging Kua’ gave the place a name Kuakata .

Kuakata Sea Beach
Kuakata Sea Beach

Tourists Interest of  Kuakata Sea Beach 

  • The sandy beach has gentle slopes into the Bay of Bangle so here you may take bath into Sea water and walking in sea shore.
  • This beach offer to see both sunrise and sunset in the water of the Bay of Bangle.
  • Beside the beach series of Coconut trees and evergreen forest (Jahu bon) this forest is enriching the beauty of the beach and (Gangamati Forest) many big trees and different types of birds is the main beauty of this forest. Tourists get pleasure to see its beauty.
  • Over the sea many Colorful sailing Boats and Blue sky increase its beauty.
  • The ‘Rush Purnima’ and ‘Maghi Purnima’ are the festival in Kuakata Sea Beach. On this festival holy bath and a traditional fair are held in this beach. Tourists are getting more attractive by it.
  • The wonderful beauty of Kuakata Sea Beach that the Sunrise and walking in the beach. In the morning the beach offers fresh air and also offer bath and play with the waves in the sea shore. In the beach you may also play Football and Volleyball. At the end of the day the sun going to sets into the sea water creating wonderful scenery that fill your heart with joy. At night you can see the beauty of full moon in here.
  • Go for fishing by fishing boat with the help of local fisherman and also can visit fishermen villages located near the sea beach to know their activities and life style. There have many fresh fish like Hilsa and it is very testy fish.
  • Keraanipa sema Mandir and Misripara Buddhist Temple is located near the beach. So tourist may visit there from the beach. 

Kuakata Sea Beach
Kuakata Sea Beach

There have many Hotels for stay. You can go there from Dhaka by Bus and by Aircraft to Barisal Airport. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation help tourist for a peaceful journey.

Kuakata Sea Beach is also a historic beauty of beautiful Bangladesh. People go there for its beauty and you may go there to discover its beauty.


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