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Sports In Bangladesh

Sports are a part of Bangladesh culture and people get entertain by it. Many types of games are playing in Bangladesh locally and also internationally. The most popular sports of Bangladesh are Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and hockey. The national sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi. There have some traditional sports observe normally in the rural area i.e Lathi Khela, bili Khela, Kabaddi.People get more pleasure to see and play this game. NSC (National Sports Council) look after all Sports federation and Council of Bangladesh.

Games in Bangladesh

There are many different event played in Bangladesh. Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Chess, Swimming, Athletics and Badminton are most popular in this country. Presently there are some other games are played i.e Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Shooting, Cycling, Boxing, Karete, Table tennis etc.
Most Playing Sports in Bangladesh.

The most popular and most playing games is Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, chase and hockey.

Cricket is most popular and most playing Sports in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh like to play and see this game. Bangladesh has a national cricket Team and this team is able to play Cricket World Cup. Bangladesh got permitted to play Test Cricket in 2000. At present our national cricket team play all format crickets. This year Bangladesh will take part ICC world Cup Cricket in Australia. Shakib-Al- Hasan is one of the best players in the world. Bangladesh organizes many cricket leagues (Domestic and International) in or outside the country.

Football is another most playing game for Bangladesh and also much popular. People love to play football and they enjoy seeing it. Bangladesh Football federation (BFF) organized many football tournaments. Bangladesh national Football team FIFA Rank is 176 (October 2014).

Hockey is also popular sports in the country. Bangladesh has a national Hockey team. In Asian Games, Bangladesh Participate on Hockey. Bangladesh Hockey Federation organizes many tournaments on this event in the country.

The national sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi. Most of the people like to play this game. In Asian Games, Bangladesh regularly participates on this event. This game player use defensive and offensive method for collecting point for their team.

Presently Bangladesh has started playing chase internationally. Bangladesh has three International Grand Masters on this event. Locally it is also playing for enjoyment.

Badminton is also a popular sports and this game played mostly in the winter season in Bangladesh. You can see people play this game and enjoy it. Bangladesh Badminton Federation looks after these events for developing this game and also arranges some tournament.
Others Game: Some others game play in Bangladesh.
Golf is increasing recently. Siddikur Rahman became the first Bangladeshi golfers who win the Asian Tour event.

Handball is also played by nationally. Locally it is also played and people enjoy it.

Volleyball is also played in our country but internationally our performance is not well. Bangladesh Volleyball Federation looks after this game.

There have many other games that people also played swimming Table Tennis, Tennis, Boxing, Karate, Cycling, Athletics, and Shooting etc. Bangladesh National Sports Council Look after all sports in Bangladesh.


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