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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eid Mubarak, a traditional Muslim greeting

Eid Mubarak (ঈদ মোবারক) : Eid means "Celebration" ,Oh! After Ramadan Muslims get this day's. This day's is recognized as a Govt. Holiday in beautiful Bangladesh. Every Muslims are celebrating this day's. The celebration continues until the end of the day for Eid ul-Fit.


Eid Mubarak To all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bangladesh is on Panoramic Google Street View

Bangladesh is a natural, beautiful country in south Asia of the world bordered by India to its west, north and east and in the south the Bay of Bengal is situated. Bangladesh has many natural beautiful places like the-longest-sea-beach-in-world, Sundarban the largest mangrove Forest,St Martain Island,Kuakata Sea beach etc. Bangladesh is a developing country and the country contributes more in technology side. By the process now Bangladesh has started Google street view service.

googlstreet viewe
Bangladesh is live on Google street view; it’s a map-based service which shows panoramic views of streets and sites. People can see around the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong on Google. Now people of Smartphone’s or tab by internet connection can find their location easily. This is very good service and also useful for the country.


Bangladesh became 66th country who enters Google Inc’s street View service with the support of Bangladesh Government, Officials of Google Inc. and USAID.

Minister Obaidul Quader (Road Transport and Bridge Minister) announced launch this service in Dhaka on 05 February 2015. Anir Chowdhuri is policy adviser of the Access to Information a2i project.
Google Street View was launched in 2007 in the US and it is now expanding worldwide. Since February 2013, by powerful camera Google capture street images of Dhaka and Chittagong.After the long time work it has become successful in our country.

Service proved:

Google Bangladesh officials told that on Thursday 05 February launched street view trackers and wireless backpacks which can provide multidimensional images even it provide the walkways to Google Street View.
This service provides you a 360 degree panorama view of roads and site within Dhaka and Chittagong. There have also 42 note able sites like the Parliament building in Dhaka. The street view project is interesting and thoughtful project that people can get a panoramic view of the street and sites. Bangladesh is now getting more in touch with people with the Google Street View services.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)

Every year Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce, organize a Trade Fair in Dhaka (DITF) during first January to thirty first January at Sher-E- Bangla Nagar in Dhaka. This year The Dhaka International Trade Fair, 20th (DITF) was organized during first January and extended up to tenth February. By this fair producer can introduce different types of goods to the buyer easily. People come in DITF for buy their essential item and also enjoy for seeing many products. Many foreign stall are participates with their product.

Dhaka International Trade Fair
Every year 01 january to 31 January is the schedule time for the Dhaka International trade Fair. This year every day the fair was open from 9am to 10pm for the visitors and the ticket fees for the fair was 30 taka only.

View of this Trade Fair

The views of organizing Dhaka International Trade Fair in Bangladesh are to introduce products to the peoples come from home and abroad. There have chance for producer to introducing their items to the foreigner and also foreign participants can introduce their products. This fair is much helpful to increase business. By this Trade Fair people know about different Branded products and they can choice the best.


Different types of company and also many countries were took part in the Dhaka International Trade Fair. The countries are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Turkey, China, and Iran and were varieties items i.e electronics, machinery, foods, carpets, clothes, jewelry, toys, jute products, and sports items.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

About Beautiful Bangladesh

About Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a most densely populated natural beautiful country in south Asia of the world. Official name is The People Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh got its independent in 16th dec 1971.Bangladesh has many tourist interests place i.e worlds’ longest sea beach, Mangrove forest and many historical places.

Short description about Bangladesh:

Area: Total area is 147,570 km2.

Capital: Dhaka.

Population: 156,594,962 (Muslim86.6%, Hindu 12.1% and others 1.3%).

Language: The state Language is Bangla, most of the people speak in Bangla, and English is use as second language.

Anthem: Amar sonar Bangla.

Currency unit: Taka (BDT)

Religious: Largest Religious is Islam (86.6 %), Hinduism (12.1%) Christian (0.4%), Buddhist (0.6%), Other (0.3%).

Government: Parliamentary democracy, The Prime minister is the head of the government; the president is the head of the state.

Divisions: Bangladesh divided into seven divisions. The divisions are Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshi, Sylhet, Barisal and Rangpur.
Beautiful bangladesh

Education: Bangladesh tries making education for all. Bangladesh operates many schools in the primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels by the government. Also have many private schools and University. There also have more than fifteen state universities for graduation funded by the government. The education system is divided into five levels: Primary (Class I to V), Junior Secondary (Class I to VI to VIII), Secondary (Class IX to X), Higher Secondary (Class XI to XII, University for Graduation.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter season in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is small beautiful country. It has many natural beauties. Bangladesh has actually three season i.e pre-monsoon, rainy monsoon and winter season. But Bangladesh has traditionally six seasons i.e summer (Grisma), rainy (Barsa), autumn (Sarat), late autumn (Hemonta), winter (Shhit), spring (Basanta) each season staying normally two months. This season is the winter (November to February) season in Bangladesh.

This season in the country cold air follows, sometime temperature level decreasing up to 3°C to 4°C and generally average temperature of here in winter is 10°C to 20°C.January is generally coldest month of the season. Winter season are very nice, enjoyable season, it is also very dry season in Bangladesh. In Spring season total rainfall is low other than all season. Day time is shorter than night. This season every morning you see a foggy weather, sunlight cannot get early morning.

Winter season

Winter season we see around us many types of flowers, i.e Rose, Shimul, Palash etc. Early morning blooming flowers looks beautiful and you take flower. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in village.In Winter season every morning/evening most of people makes various types of pitha (cakes). Sometimes People arrange pitha party like small festival. In the city there are many small Pitha shop beside the street and people go there for eating. The test is amusing and you can eat it.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Beautiful Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Bangladesh is the land of bangle Officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh got freedom at 1971. Bangladesh is divided into seven administrative divisions. It has many rivers like padma, megna, Jamuna etc.The Bay of Bangle is the south of the country and it has many panoramic Sea Beach.

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