Saturday, March 21, 2015

Traffic Jam of Bangladesh and solution of this problem

Bangladesh is a most densely populated country in the world. The Traffic jam is the main and common problem in the country, especially Dhaka and Chittagong district. Dhaka is mega city and Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. More than twelve million people live in Dhaka and the population of Dhaka is increasing rapidly. So, many problems created by its huge population. Every day about seven hundred thousand rickshaws ply in road of Dhaka and the huge number of rickshaws is creating a Traffic jam in the city. Almost all the street is getting jammed by buses, CNG and rickshaws.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam has become a regular feature of Dhaka city. Traffic jam obstructed increasing our trade and commerce. If we out from home for office or school, we may face jam and only twenty minute way may take two hours because of the jam. So that we need more time to reach our destination and we lose our valuable time. The students also face problems to attend their class times. For Traffic jam we cannot complete our task write time so our trade and commerce affected. We cannot provide goods and material with in due time. We have to spend half of the day on the road if we want to go somewhere in the city. It also polluted our environment because many vehicles gathering together are created sound and air pollution.

Reasons behind

Many reasons are for causing frequent jams in the Dhaka city. Illegal parking is one of the main reasons for Traffic jam. Many trucks, Cars and other vehicles are parked inside and on the road. The reason is faulty traffic signaling systems, narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers. Bus drivers are mostly responsible for a Traffic jam and they do not care about the traffic rules and signals.

The drivers and person's irresponsibility and lack of knowledge is also causing jams. The rickshaw pullers are mostly responsible for Traffic jam in the Dhaka city. There are about seven hundred thousand rickshaws are playing on the road of Dhaka city. So the huge rickshaw makes jam and it is one of the most uses vehicle in the city. The narrow roads are also causes Traffic jam because huge vehicle are playing in the road.

Traffic Jam

Can we reduce Traffic jam?

If some steps follow then we may reduce somehow, but we cannot solve it permanently. The steps:

• If we really want to solve this problem, then decentralization is a must of everything.Our Industrialization should be based on upozila it should not depend on metropolitan cities. And our garments may be shifted from Dhaka city. It will reduce increase population in the city.

• Make a good public transport system that people get it easily and it will reduce Traffic jam.

• If possible create a rickshaw and by cycle street beside the main street of the city and withdraw rickshaw from the main roads of Dhaka city then it may reduce Traffic jam.

• Establish a good traffic system and create lane for different vehicles and strictly maintain it.

• Main roads should be one way and all parking must bend in all roads.

• People should use zebra cross and foot over bridge while crossing roads and should respect the law.

• Increase parking facilities for vehicles.

• Invalid vehicles must be prohibits in the road.

• Everyone should follow the Traffic rules.

So everybody should care about Traffic rules that will helpful to prevent jamming. If we solve Traffic jam we get facilities of all sectors of our city life like trade and commerce and personal life also. We can reach our destination within short time and we will work more in every day.


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