Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)

Every year Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce, organize a Trade Fair in Dhaka (DITF) during first January to thirty first January at Sher-E- Bangla Nagar in Dhaka. This year The Dhaka International Trade Fair, 20th (DITF) was organized during first January and extended up to tenth February. By this fair producer can introduce different types of goods to the buyer easily. People come in DITF for buy their essential item and also enjoy for seeing many products. Many foreign stall are participates with their product.

Dhaka International Trade Fair
Every year 01 january to 31 January is the schedule time for the Dhaka International trade Fair. This year every day the fair was open from 9am to 10pm for the visitors and the ticket fees for the fair was 30 taka only.

View of this Trade Fair

The views of organizing Dhaka International Trade Fair in Bangladesh are to introduce products to the peoples come from home and abroad. There have chance for producer to introducing their items to the foreigner and also foreign participants can introduce their products. This fair is much helpful to increase business. By this Trade Fair people know about different Branded products and they can choice the best.


Different types of company and also many countries were took part in the Dhaka International Trade Fair. The countries are Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Turkey, China, and Iran and were varieties items i.e electronics, machinery, foods, carpets, clothes, jewelry, toys, jute products, and sports items.

Dhaka International Trade Fair
Promotion on DITF

In Dhaka International Trade Fair, Different companies are displaying their products in many Pavilions and stalls. The pavilions are with their products offers some promotion for the customer with Latest Product, Special prices, purchase with purchase offer, Gifts. Some electronic items like TV and AC offers installation facilities and delivery facilities.

Visitor of the Fair

This Trade Fair is well known to Bangladeshi people and every year huge visitors are gathered in this trade fair. People come here to see different types of products and women are like to buy cosmetics and cookeries items. Young boys and girls are interested with electronic items and babies are with different toys. People went the Dhaka International Trade Fair mostly in Holiday. In this year the trade fair failed to get expected visitor due to the political unstable condition in the country. For this reason this year the fair extended next more ten days.

JOB Facilities

Many companies take part in this Trade Fair i.e Sonny, Walton, Noah, Sharp, Hire, TVS, etc. The company need some sales executives for introduce their products to the people. So, many students may get a chance for part time job and get some experience for the future work. Every stall and pavilions minimum five to six students get job for one month. This year also many students got chance for this job.

The Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) is one of the big Trade Fair in beautiful Bangladesh. People wait for this Fair and I also like to go this trade fair.

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