Friday, December 26, 2014

Bad Effects of Smoking in Human Body

Tobacco smoke is very harmful to our health. There is no other way to make it safe. Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients. It makes more chemical when it burn, many of those are poisonous and by the smoking we may face many diseases like cancer blood pressure etc.

After smoking our body attacked by toxins then:

  • Make our blood thicker, and increase chances of clot format.
  • Increase our blood pressure and rate of heart, makes it work harder.
  • Narrow our arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen rich blood circulating to our organs.
By this makes heart attack or stroke and finally makes it cancer.
Smoking damages our heart, Stomach, Skin, Brain, Lungs, Mouth and throat, Bones, Digestive System, Sexuality and Reproductive System. Many people can’t live without smoking because they are addicted but they should think there and their families health.

Smoker also dangerous for that people who are around live with him. They also attacked by cause of smoking of other people near with him. Especially women and children are first injured by smoking of their family member.

It is also a social and economical problem of any country.By smoking our environment get pouted by smoke.
So this makes our health problem.Smoker spending their money for smoking hugely so they face economical problem.

We should make aware about the bad effect of smoking and smoker should avoid smoking for him and also us.

To know more visit :Smoking Effects of health.

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