Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shat Gombuj Mosque

Shat Gombuj Mosque

The Mosque of Shat Gombuj Mosque is located in the district of Bagerhat, in the Khulna division of Bangladesh. It is a historical place where we see many mosques and a mausoleum of Khan Jahan Ali.

Shat Gombuj Mosque
The mosque has been recogniged as a UNESCO World Heritage Sitein 1983. The Sixty Pillar Mosque (the Shat Gambuj) in Bagerhat is one of oldest mosjids in the country. This mosque was established in 1440 by Khan Jahan Ali. Khan jahan’s mausoleum or tomb located on the bank of pond .

After retirement, Khan Jahan Ali spent his life here and after death on 25 October 1459, his tomb is here. And Dargha mosque attached to the mausoleum.This a beautiful historical place.

You may visit here to know and see its beauty.To know more visit Historical place Bangladesh

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