Sunday, March 29, 2015

Global warming and climate changes of Bangladesh

At present the climate is changing in the world. The earth is warming up, because various regions. For global warming, our echo system damages, and our planet is facing a great problem for a changing climate. By the global warming and climate change Bangladesh faces many problems in human life, including food, water, health, fodders and fuel economic, environmental and health. At present all countries agree to do something reduce global warming and climate change.

Threats, Bangladesh face of global warming?

Global warming and Bangladesh

In the 21st century the climate will get more changes and the global warming increase more quickly. Bangladesh faces many problems of global warming because of its geographical location. For the change of climate Bangladesh also lost its season. In the rainy season we observe low rainfall and summer season no rainfall and hot weather so, our environment damages. That causes also slow down the poverty reduction by destroying agriculture.

A new World Bank report says Bangladesh will be among ‘the most affected’ countries in South Asia by the global warming with an expected 2°C rise in the world’s average temperatures in the next decades.

Heat and more increase cyclones threatening food production, livelihoods, and infrastructure as well as poverty, according to a new scientific report released today by the World Bank Group.

To reduce climate change is going to be too costly. But increasingly, studies are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even health benefits, while improving sustainability.

So, Bangladesh is in problems for the changes its climate by the global warming and if it continues that Bangladesh will face lots of problems in future.

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