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Bangladesh is on Panoramic Google Street View

Bangladesh is a natural, beautiful country in south Asia of the world bordered by India to its west, north and east and in the south the Bay of Bengal is situated. Bangladesh has many natural beautiful places like the-longest-sea-beach-in-world, Sundarban the largest mangrove Forest,St Martain Island,Kuakata Sea beach etc. Bangladesh is a developing country and the country contributes more in technology side. By the process now Bangladesh has started Google street view service.

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Bangladesh is live on Google street view; it’s a map-based service which shows panoramic views of streets and sites. People can see around the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong on Google. Now people of Smartphone’s or tab by internet connection can find their location easily. This is very good service and also useful for the country.


Bangladesh became 66th country who enters Google Inc’s street View service with the support of Bangladesh Government, Officials of Google Inc. and USAID.

Minister Obaidul Quader (Road Transport and Bridge Minister) announced launch this service in Dhaka on 05 February 2015. Anir Chowdhuri is policy adviser of the Access to Information a2i project.
Google Street View was launched in 2007 in the US and it is now expanding worldwide. Since February 2013, by powerful camera Google capture street images of Dhaka and Chittagong.After the long time work it has become successful in our country.

Service proved:

Google Bangladesh officials told that on Thursday 05 February launched street view trackers and wireless backpacks which can provide multidimensional images even it provide the walkways to Google Street View.
This service provides you a 360 degree panorama view of roads and site within Dhaka and Chittagong. There have also 42 note able sites like the Parliament building in Dhaka. The street view project is interesting and thoughtful project that people can get a panoramic view of the street and sites. Bangladesh is now getting more in touch with people with the Google Street View services.

The director public policy and Government relations at Google Asia Pacific ‘ Ann Lavin’ told that” It is a new way to explore the streets as people can see places in detail and navigate easily.”
By the street view service people can see and know the cities and tourist sights on their way by using their phone or computer.

Objectives of Bangladesh to launch this service :

Bangladesh is a developing country and for more development its need more investment .If we can develop our IT site, then easily tourist attracts Bangladesh. Bangladesh government work for vision2021.
So, Bangladesh on Google Street View can help increase tourism, trade, commerce a and attracts foreign for investment. Bangladesh can show its beauty in the world by this service. Foreign people can see and trace any location of Bangladesh and they can find a way to visit there. It will make helpful for them.
Bangladesh recently finished a Digital World 2015 fair campaign at the Bangobandu conference center , Dhaka and their people get a chance to see the Google street view car with the high regulation camera and Google Bus also. Many stalls take in part in this fair on that are remarkable. So this service makes Bangladesh very useful to others in the world.

Visit Beautiful Bangladesh to discover its natural and historic beauty.Bangladesh will be a proud country in the world in all sectors especially in IT and Technology.

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