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Meghna River -Principle River of beautiful Bangladesh

Meghna River
Full Name of the River: Meghan River.

Origin: Originated through the Lucy hill in Asam and finally meet with the Bay of Bengal.

Length: Total 2,840 Kms.

Depth: Average depth 1,012 feet and maximum 1,620 feet.

Country: Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a land of river country. It has many beautiful rivers in the rivers are Burigonga River, Padma River, Meghna River, Jamuna River, and Brahmaputra River etc. Among the River Meghna River is one of the principle rivers in beautiful Bangladesh.

Course of Meghna River

The Meghna River (Bangla মেঘনা) is one of the largest rivers in beautiful Bangladesh. The river meets with two largest rivers (the Padma and the Jamuna), and finally in the south of the country, it meets with the Bay of Bengal. This River is a distributaries of the Brahmaputra River. By the joining of the two rivers (Surma and Kushira) originating from eastern India and in Bangladesh it formed as Meghna River. The Meghna meets with the Padma river near Chadpur continuing as Meghna and after Chandpur, it's following towards the Bay of Bengal in a straight line. TheMeghna river tributaries spinning of Feni River, Dhaleshwari River and Gumti River. The river flowing into the Bay of Bengal that is through four mouths i.e Bamni, Tetulia, Haiti and Shahbazpur, finally it falls into the bay of Bengal.

The  Meghna river is one of the widest rivers in Bangladesh. At one point near Bhola, the river is 12 km wide. This depth of the river is 1012 feet (308 m) and its maximum depth is 1620 feet (490 m) .This River causes many deaths every year by accident of launches or boats and Near Chadpur it is very dangerous that observed.

The River has much importance for our country of its geographical features. Every year during the monsoon season the river fill into waters and causes flood, but it also contributes to our economy. The River serves much water and fish.

The Meghna river is a big river of beautiful Bangladesh.Many people earn by fishing and this river helps them.This river is a popular way to carry goods and people. Many boats and steamars or lunch, play over the river all the time.

The Meghna river is a beautiful river and the river is originated from Lucy hill in Asam and following through our country in different places and joining with others rivers like Padma , Jamuna and finally follow through in almost straight and meets with the bay of Bengal.

To see its (Meghna river) natural beauties make a boat trip and see its real natural unique beauty.

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