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Major Rivers of Bangladesh-Padma,Meghna and Jamuna

Bangladesh is a most densely populated natural beautiful country in south Asia of the world. Official name is The People Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh got its independent in 16th dec 1971.Bangladesh has many beautiful small and big rivers.The river of Bangladesh are Padma,Meghna,Jamuna,Karnaphuli,Atri etc.The major three of the rivers are:

Padma River

The Padma River originates in the Gangotri Glacier of the Himalaya, and the Ganges flow through India and Bangladesh towards the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges is known as the Padma is the point where the Bhagirathi divides. The river enters Bangladesh from India near Chapai Nababganj and further downstream the Padma river meets with the river Jamuna near Goalando and finally joins with the river Meghna near Chadpur continuing as Meghna, following towards the Bay of Bengal. The river follows over Nawabganj, Rajshahi, Pabna, kushtia, Faridpur, Rajbari and Chadpur district in Bangladesh. The length of the Padma River is 120 Killometers (75 Miles).

Rivers of Bangladesh

Meghna River

The Meghna River is a beautiful river and the river is originated from Lucy hill in Asam and following through our country in different places and joining with others rivers like Padma , Jamuna and finally follow through in almost straight and meets with the bay of Bangle.

Full Name of the River:   Meghan Rver.
Origin:   Originated through the Lucy hill in Asam and finally meet with the Bay of Bangle.
Length:  Total 2,840 Kms.
Depth:  Average depth 1,012 feet and maximum 1,620 feet.
Country:  Bangladesh.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Global warming and climate changes of Bangladesh

At present the climate is changing in the world. The earth is warming up, because various regions. For global warming, our echo system damages, and our planet is facing a great problem for a changing climate. By the global warming and climate change Bangladesh faces many problems in human life, including food, water, health, fodders and fuel economic, environmental and health. At present all countries agree to do something reduce global warming and climate change.

Threats, Bangladesh face of global warming?

Global warming and Bangladesh

In the 21st century the climate will get more changes and the global warming increase more quickly. Bangladesh faces many problems of global warming because of its geographical location. For the change of climate Bangladesh also lost its season. In the rainy season we observe low rainfall and summer season no rainfall and hot weather so, our environment damages. That causes also slow down the poverty reduction by destroying agriculture.

A new World Bank report says Bangladesh will be among ‘the most affected’ countries in South Asia by the global warming with an expected 2°C rise in the world’s average temperatures in the next decades.

Heat and more increase cyclones threatening food production, livelihoods, and infrastructure as well as poverty, according to a new scientific report released today by the World Bank Group.

To reduce climate change is going to be too costly. But increasingly, studies are showing action will not just be cheaper than inaction, but could actually result in economic, environmental and even health benefits, while improving sustainability.

So, Bangladesh is in problems for the changes its climate by the global warming and if it continues that Bangladesh will face lots of problems in future.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bangladesh is on Panoramic Google Street View

Bangladesh is a natural, beautiful country in south Asia of the world bordered by India to its west, north and east and in the south the Bay of Bengal is situated. Bangladesh has many natural beautiful places like the-longest-sea-beach-in-world, Sundarban the largest mangrove Forest,St Martain Island,Kuakata Sea beach etc. Bangladesh is a developing country and the country contributes more in technology side. By the process now Bangladesh has started Google street view service.

googlstreet viewe
Bangladesh is live on Google street view; it’s a map-based service which shows panoramic views of streets and sites. People can see around the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong on Google. Now people of Smartphone’s or tab by internet connection can find their location easily. This is very good service and also useful for the country.


Bangladesh became 66th country who enters Google Inc’s street View service with the support of Bangladesh Government, Officials of Google Inc. and USAID.

Minister Obaidul Quader (Road Transport and Bridge Minister) announced launch this service in Dhaka on 05 February 2015. Anir Chowdhuri is policy adviser of the Access to Information a2i project.
Google Street View was launched in 2007 in the US and it is now expanding worldwide. Since February 2013, by powerful camera Google capture street images of Dhaka and Chittagong.After the long time work it has become successful in our country.

Service proved:

Google Bangladesh officials told that on Thursday 05 February launched street view trackers and wireless backpacks which can provide multidimensional images even it provide the walkways to Google Street View.
This service provides you a 360 degree panorama view of roads and site within Dhaka and Chittagong. There have also 42 note able sites like the Parliament building in Dhaka. The street view project is interesting and thoughtful project that people can get a panoramic view of the street and sites. Bangladesh is now getting more in touch with people with the Google Street View services.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Traffic Jam of Bangladesh and solution of this problem

Bangladesh is a most densely populated country in the world. The Traffic jam is the main and common problem in the country, especially Dhaka and Chittagong district. Dhaka is mega city and Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. More than twelve million people live in Dhaka and the population of Dhaka is increasing rapidly. So, many problems created by its huge population. Every day about seven hundred thousand rickshaws ply in road of Dhaka and the huge number of rickshaws is creating a Traffic jam in the city. Almost all the street is getting jammed by buses, CNG and rickshaws.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam has become a regular feature of Dhaka city. Traffic jam obstructed increasing our trade and commerce. If we out from home for office or school, we may face jam and only twenty minute way may take two hours because of the jam. So that we need more time to reach our destination and we lose our valuable time. The students also face problems to attend their class times. For Traffic jam we cannot complete our task write time so our trade and commerce affected. We cannot provide goods and material with in due time. We have to spend half of the day on the road if we want to go somewhere in the city. It also polluted our environment because many vehicles gathering together are created sound and air pollution.

Reasons behind

Many reasons are for causing frequent jams in the Dhaka city. Illegal parking is one of the main reasons for Traffic jam. Many trucks, Cars and other vehicles are parked inside and on the road. The reason is faulty traffic signaling systems, narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers. Bus drivers are mostly responsible for a Traffic jam and they do not care about the traffic rules and signals.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Match summery of Bangladesh in Pool-A: ICC World Cup-2015

ICC World Cup-2015

Feb 18 -Wednesday Bangladesh Vs Afghanistan,   Pool A          Bangladesh won by 105 runs

Feb 21 - Saturday   Bangladesh Vs Australia, Pool A                 Match abandoned due rain.

Feb 26 - Thursday Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanka, Pool A                 Sri Lanka won by 92 runs

05 Mar -Thursday Bangladesh Vs Scotland, Pool A                   Bangladesh won by Six wickets

09 Mar- Monday Bangladesh Vs England, Pool A                     Bangladesh won by 15 runs

13 Mar- Friday Bangladesh Vs New Zealand, Pool A                New Zealand won by 15 runs

ICC World Cup-2015, Bangladesh

Points Table – 2015, Pool-A

Pool A
New Zealand


Sri Lanka





Next matches Bangladesh in quarterfinals of ICC World Cup-2015 -2015, Bangladesh vs India at on Thursday.

ICC World Cup -2015-Bangladesh of Pool-A matches:

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